Keep Your Greens in Top Condition

Streamline your turf maintenance with The Spray Bug from Hahn Application Products, LLC in Evansville, Indiana. Much more than a spray hawk, the self-contained Spray Bug consists of tank, pump, battery, covered boom, and control system — no hose or reel is needed. The tank can be refilled from a nurse vehicle with the included dry lock transfer system, or you can mix individual batches directly in the 15-gallon tank.

Updated For Maximum Productivity

The Spray Bug has been updated with a wider 80-inch boom, a larger 15-gallon tank, and a faster 2.8 mph ground speed to maximize your productivity and help you get on and off the golf course quickly. The larger tank allows you to spray an average 7,500-square-foot green — at two gallons per 1,000 feet — on one tank.

Sprayer 1Light Weight and Low Compaction

Designed from the ground up to be compact, lightweight and gentle on turf but also rugged enough for commercial service. Wide slick soft rubber tires minimize turf marking. The Spray Bug also has a compact and efficient electric drivetrain and chassis design which eliminates all unnecessary weight. Turf friendly and provides maximum performance and productivity.

Sprayer 2Environmentally  and Operator Friendly

The spray process with the Spray Bug is better for operators and better for turf. Designed with a focus on reducing operator exposure to the spray and preventing tracking through spray. Because the Spray Bug is self propelled, the operator walks in front of the spray pattern and is not forced to walk through the spray as with other walk spray systems. Also, since the tires are not tracking through the spray, a more precise and controlled spray process is possible.


Precise Spray Performance

Spray distribution performance with the Spray Bug has been optimized with a combination of nozzle spacing, nozzle selection, and nozzle height. Spray distribution performance combined with consistent ground speed and a drift control shroud allows the Spray Bug to precisely and accurately treat targeted spray areas with the intended dose.

Sprayer 3

Custom Designed Integrated Foam Marking System

An optional custom integrated Foam Marking system is available for the Spray Bug system. The Foam Marking system was designed in response to customer requests for a system to provide optimum performance for walk spraying applications. The Foam Marking system is light, easy to set up and simple to adjust. Capacity is adequate to complete most spray jobs without the need to re-fill the tank.

Tank Sprayer